About Us

The story behind SIR + SIR begins with the story of Holland + Eric.
Like some, during this pandemic situation, they both saw an opportunity to create something meaningful, together.  
As a fairly new same-sex couple, they've been challenging themselves to create a home space that is both minimal and meaningful for both of them. One that honors their heritage and celebrates their identities.  
While on this journey together, they realized that a lot of what they would like to incorporate into their home space didn't really exist in the way that they wanted it to. They would like the things that they collect along the way to be extensions of who they are; collectively and individually.  
Let's face it, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially those from marginalized communities. They thought it appropriate to launch a quality home goods company that celebrates diversity and celebrates all positive aspects of masculine energy, including embracing the feminine aspect. 
Eric + Holland believe anyone person—woman or man—engages in many forms of femininity and masculinity, which she or he adopts (consciously or unconsciously) depending on the context, the expectations of others, the life stage, and so forth.
Although they are gay men, and that's the perspective from which they see the world. They want to do their part to challenge the "gender marking" tends found in the home goods space and present options that are well crafted and celebratory of those that choose to support the SIR + SIR brand. 
SIR + SIR brings an inclusive twist and sustainably sourced goods to the candle market while helping customers rediscover the intimacy of home.
Here at SIR + SIR we take great pride in being a completely independent minority-owned business.